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Over 30 years of experience and professionalism

Our Story


Functioning as a husband and wife tailoring operation, Ninh Alterations was founded based on the sole principle of professionalism through detailed, meticulous hard work. Located at their new location on Northland Dr., Grand Rapids, both Mr. and Mrs. Dam take extra care to deliver to their client’s more than just satisfactory work; their ability and craftsmanship to finish orders in a fast time frame tells their story of over 30 years of experience, along with exceptional customer satisfactory. 

Our quality, attention to detail and excellent customer service are known throughout the Grand Rapids area. A small business depends on word of mouth advertising, and we frequently have customers refer us to their friends, places they work, etc., because it is difficult to find a good tailor you can depend on. Our shop has top quality, professional tailoring equipment to meet all of your alteration needs.


From minor services, such as button replacements and hem repair, to more difficult tasks, such as the embellishments of beading on formal dresses, Mr. and Mrs. Dam possess the skillset needed to accomplish any task that is requested. Please give us a call, or come in today and discover why this family-owned business is the best alterations around the city of Grand Rapids.


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Our Mission


Founded in 1990, Ninhs Alterations has provided top quality and professional work for customers from all over Michigan. We pride ourselves in the values of building customer trust and loyalty through our service. Our goal is to establish a close friend-to-family relationship with our customers to not only grow our community, but to foster the integrity and honesty that comes with it.

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